“My Weapons of Choice is My Camera” – Exclusive Broadcast with Janna Jihad

“We have to be one hand. We have to free the world from the negative thinking.” – Janna Jihad

by Ariyana Love
Janna Jihad is officially the youngest journalist in the world.
Palestinian Journalist Syndicate Nasser Abu Baker delivered her official press card to the 11 year old, this year. She is now 12.
Janna began reporting from her village of Nabi Salah in the West Bank of occupied Palestine, to present the perspective of Palestinian youth growing up under the brutal Israeli military occupation violence.
“My weapon of choice is my camera,” she says.
Due to her courage and determination to expose the Zionist crimes against her people, the Israeli Ministry has deemed Janna a “security threat.”
We have to make a stand for the children of Palestine.
Today we are uniting our voices from opposite sides of the world. With the next generation leader, Janna Jihad in occupied Palestine and American human rights defender, Ariyana Love in Finland, we deliver you Janna’s powerful message of courage and hope to the children of besieged Gaza and the world.
Help us spread the truth. Help us to educate the world about the reality in Palestine and the struggles these children are facing on a daily basis, against a Global Corporate Machine that cares nothing for humanity. Resist with us by spreading this knowledge. It is through strength of citizen’s journalism that we stand united through the message of love.
Join us today.

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