Turkey’s Erdogan Addresses the Palestinian People: “We Will Fight for You Until the End”

In a speech, Monday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, “The future of humanity will be determined by what happens in Palestine and regarding Jerusalem. Humanity will either move towards light, freedom and moral values or it will regress to the deep injustice and oppression.”
The speech which he delivered at the ceremony of handing over the International Mount of Olives Peace Awards on Monday in Istanbul.
Erdoğan added that the causes of Palestinian and Jerusalem transcend any particular nation, region, or city. Rather, the Palestinians stand for all the oppressed people around the world.
He went on: “The silence of the international community on the death of dozens and the injury of thousands of Palestinian people signals a coming future in which no people or person will live in safety.”
Erdoğan continued: “What is happening in Palestine, especially in Jerusalem represents the efforts of the oppressors to legitimise and even institutionalise injustice.”
Erdoğan praised Palestinians who have been subjected to injustice for years, who were forcedly displaced from their country and deprived of their rights and freedoms and injured and who lost their relatives as they were martyred.
Erdoğan said: “Once again, I would like to say to our Palestinian brothers: Their cause is our cause, their struggle is our struggle, their resistance is our resistance, and we are promising that we will stand by their side till the end.”
Erdoğan pointed out that Jerusalem, a holy city of Jews, Christians, and Muslims is a symbol of coexistence and sharing common human values.
He continued, “therefore, defending Palestine and Jerusalem means defending all what is good, beautiful, true, and legitimate in the history of humanity.”
Erdoğan pointed out that the platform of Jerusalem was founded by an initiative of our women who have been determined to help to promote the Palestinian cause.
Erdoğan added: “The hypocrisy of the international community, especially the authorities that are concerned with establishing peace and security, has reached an intolerable level. We announce our rejection of this by saying that the world is larger than five states.”
He went on: “Reforming the United Nations is an urgent necessity since the world is no longer living under the conditions of the Second World War.”
Source: MEM
Ariyana Love is a researcher/writer with The Liberty Beacon Project. She is Directing Middle East Rising & Occupy Palestine TV news channels. Ariyana is a human rights defender and Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine. She is also Chairman of an international foundation promoting humanitarian projects in the occupied Palestinian territory.

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