Trapped in Israel, the Hana Gan story
Trapped in Israel, the Hana Gan story.

Trapped in Israel

Marianne Azizi

Author Marianne Azizi

23rd February 2015 Israel, QuickPress
Marianne Azizi writes:

Hana Gan, 36, is five months pregnant. She has lived in Canada since early childhood and is a citizen of that country. Her two sons were born in Canada.

Ms Gan’s parents immigrated to Israel over 10 years ago, and persuaded her to come to the “Garden of Eden and live a better life. Hana, a single mother, eventually decided to immigrate to Israel, where she was rapidly given Israeli nationality.

Upon arrival, Ms Gan discovered that her parents had turned to religion, and almost from the outset began to curse and abuse her. Within only a week after she had arrived, she realised she had made the biggest mistake of her life. She told her family she wanted to return to Canada, and duly booked a flight home.

Using the accepted weapon of choice in Israel, her father placed a No Exit order upon her and the children, and proceeded to make false claims to the welfare department to try to gain guardianship of her children. This is frequently done, and requires no proof. Her parents destroyed the children’s passports and prepared to make a case to declare her an unfit mother.

They found religion, and decided I was worthless, Hana explains. She added:

They started to abuse me, and my father actually kicked me in the stomach. I was terrified and had no one to turn to. People in Israel claimed they were doing this to me out of love, and within only a few weeks I was desperate and alone.

Turning to the internet for help, she found some English articles about the abuse of freedom of movement so regularly used in Israel, for both citizens and foreign nationals. She decided to renew her children’s passports and fly out of the country as Canadian citizens.

On 19 February she was denied exit at Ben Gurion Airport. She cannot relinquish her Israeli ID, as her family have begun court proceedings against her. She is trapped in Israel, and desperate to have her baby in a free democratic country, and is now in hiding until she can get help.

The video below was taken as she was denied exit at the airport.

On 22 February, some 15 Israeli police officers swooped on the house where Ms Gan was hiding and took her children away from her. In the video below she describes what happened.

Ms Gan is still trapped in Israel. Many foreign nationals and thousands of Israeli citizens are denied the freedom to leave Israel. Ms Gan’s story is happening right now. She needs help.

The prime minister of Israel, Binyamin Netanyahu, raises money to assimilate Jews in Europe, declaring that in Europe they risk becoming victims of anti-Semitism. Simultaneously, he is driving fear into the hearts of Israeli citizens, declaring Iran will obliterate them. It would make more sense for European or American/Canadian Jews to stay a great distance from such an alleged threat. He surely cannot have it both ways.

The bigger reason they should stay away from Israel is the rampant corruption sweeping through the country which shows no mercy to men, women or children. The domestic systems trump any international rights. The authorities are holding with impunity a 36-year-old pregnant woman because her Zionist father insists that they do so.

A No Exit Order can be placed on any individual for an alleged debt, or a claim of child abuse without any proof whatsoever. It is a green light for the authorities (who recently claimed the people were sewage in Israel) to swoop in and find more profits by taking children against the will of a fit and loving parent.

The Israeli people may now be accustomed to such abuse of their civil and human rights, though divorce, suicide and the trafficking of up to 12,000 children a year into private institutions for profit shows their family laws are designed for money and not for the benefit and wellbeing of the public.

Ms Gan is by no means the only victim of the abusive state of Israel. Her life changed irrevocably today as she became one of the statistics – the latest member of a growing club of people who are speaking out about the truth of Israel’s rotten system.

“I know I may have to sacrifice my security today,” she told me, “But I have to get home and warn people about what is really happening here. I cannot have this baby in Israel. I will be kept here forever if it happens. “

There are few truly brave people who are prepared to stand up and be counted against the abuse of freedom.

Hana has just become one of them.

For further details, visit Marianne Azizi’s website.

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