TLB Project Membership – A True Voice For The People (Video)

The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB) asks you to share your voice and support so we can continue bringing you the real news!

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This video is the first of many to come detailing the mission, goals and accomplishments of this global project. Please watch and listen in as we define just what TLB Membership is, what it entails, and the many ways it empowers you and your voice.
TLB is a highly rated grass roots global project like no other in existence, untouched by corporate ownership. As a TLB Member we are offering you more perks and actual involvement than is available anywhere today (FACT), and at an amazing cost that can’t be beat anywhere, and wont break your budget!
It is The People of this world that will change this world, and hold those who perpetrate tyranny and suffering of any persuasion on a massive scale … Accountable. Please click on the provided link below the video for more information on how you can become a TLB Member because together we can CHANGE THE WORLD!
We ask you to please excuse us for this slightly less than professional first video attempt, because regardless of our size and global footprint, we are every bit as grass roots as you are, and are using our new studio facilities for the very first time (Really). But we promise to deliver a higher quality and more professional level of media as we go forward gaining the required experience with our new facilities and professional responsibilities.

TLB Project Membership interview with Ariyana Love & TLB Founder, Roger Landry:

The TLB Project Membership program is a work in progress. Please bear with us as we continue to put the mechanisms and technology in place to provide you with a forum that is unparalleled in todays media. The process is functional but we are finding new ways to upgrade and improve this new, never before attempted, global platform daily in order to make your experience seamless and rewarding.
If you have already requested an Independent Journalist card … you have NOT been forgotten, and a package is nearing completion containing all the required verbiage and components. This will be emailed to you in the very near future.
If you truly wish to have a voice … if you truly wish to support an organization that will provide you with that voice … not in just words, but in practice, then please click on the link provided below for more information.

Visit the TLB Membership Project Page for more detailed information and to sign up:

TLB Project Membership Page click here


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