The Rohingya: Abandoned, Persecuted

Over 100 Rohingya villages have been burned or razed to the ground under a well calculated campaign of depopulation, yet we are not allowed to say the words, ethnic cleansing!
The Jewish (Khazar) Mafia has a long history of supplying weapons to the Myanmar regime. In fact, the Israeli Occupation also supported war crimes in Argentina and armed the Serbian forces committing massacres in Bosnia.  
With the rising number of Field Executions of Palestinian children and the rapidly increased settlement expansion in Palestine’s capital city of Occupied Jerusalem, it’s really the opportune time for Israel to draw the world’s attention away from their war Crimes Against Humanity in Palestine, now isn’t it?
And what better “crisis” to divert our attention with, than the carefully engineered Rohingya slaughter?

Please see: As Violence Intensifies, Israel Continues to Arm Myanmar’s Military Junta

More Than Words BD reports:
For them, dignity – safety – well-being are pious words. For them, it’s a constant struggle – of their bare existence or, survival. The Rohingya has been a victim of denial and deprivation for ages, over occasions. The world requires to step up, to come forward, be part of the global ethics.
This short documentary sheds light on the fast escalating Rohingya crisis in the Northern Rakhine State of Myanmar spilling over Bangladesh.

Ariyana Love is an Editor at The Liberty Beacon project and a TLB Director of Middle East Rising news. She is a Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine and founder of an international foundation, which promotes human rights for indigenous people and the Middle East.

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