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Rabbi Shapiro Explains why Jerusalem is NOT the Capital of Israel

Editors note: True Torah Jewish Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro gives us an in depth analysis of Trump’s trickery at signing a fake declaration of Jerusalem as capital of the Zionist Israeli Occupation.

True Torah Jews report:

Rabbi Shapiro explains that the Jewish people relate to Jerusalem as a holy city, not as a political capital city. Jerusalem as the capital of the “Jews” is a Zionist fiction, and conflicts directly with the teachings of Judaism (True Torah Jews).

To all those countries considering moving their embassies, please know that this would only benefit Israel and the Zionists, and has no benefit to the Jewish people at large. Israel does NOT represent world Jewry.

“Jewish communities worldwide opposed the creation of a state and still do”

Source: Occupy Palestine TV 

Ariyana Love is a Publisher and Journalist with The Liberty Beacon and she is the TLB Director of Middle East Rising independent news. She is founder and Director of Occupy Palestine TV (OPTV media) and she is a Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine. Also she is Chairwoman of an international foundation promoting human rights for the Palestinian nation and indigenous people worldwide.

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