The Yinon (Greater Israel) Plan Atau Pax Judaica

The perish of the world and a new world order

Imagine Gog and Magog stands for the bad thing that is happening to the world, and Pax Judaica (the Jewish empire) has already begun and finally, IS does not consist of Muslims but just extremist mercenaries. How far would I be beside the truth?

Pax Judaica 
Sheikh Imran Hosein has often indicated that the different worlds have followed each other; Thus, the Roman Empire (Pax Romana) was succeeded by the British Empire (Pax Britannica), which was replaced by the American Empire (Pax Americana) after World War II. But the time of this last empire is about to expire, although the cowboy president tries to do everything to make it seem different.
It becomes clear that Pax Judaica is very busy, but how can such a small country become a world empire? Here are two possibilities: whether the world is getting smaller or the Jewish empire is getting bigger. Both options are possible and I think that is already being done. The expansion of Israel is very clear in Palestine, but that is not the end goal. That goal lies further, namely the land between the Nile and the Euphrates, what will then be called Greater Israel, with Jerusalem going to be the capital of this empire. If you follow the Palestinian news, you can already see that the Jewish Empire is expanded step by step.

But that would not really work out if the world would not be a bit smaller at the same time. How can that be achieved? Simple, some missiles are fired and fired, causing some idiot at some point to fire a nuclear bomb that will trigger a nuclear chain reaction and be shot with a lot of this kind of weapon with the result that millions deads will remain and thus the world has become a lot smaller.

Chaos by Daesh
I have not mentioned a point in this whole, and that is why chaos must first be created on the world. But it has already been taken care of: see what the terrorist organization Daesh (IS) is doing worldwide. And Daesh is not a world leader, but a world player and is driven by something or someone. But who then is the next question.

I think that is not so difficult to answer, as I think that Daesh (IS) has been developed by the West to create chaos in the Middle East. In fact, it seems that the US and the Jewish state are both responsible for Daesh. Lastly, there were articles on the social media, where the Jewish state and especially the commanders would maintain direct contact with Daesh, including by dropping weapons and other supplies in Daesh area, by serving Daesh warriors in Jewish hospitals and by visiting the premier to these warriors. It has also been noted that Daesh has never attacked this state.

Meanwhile, we found out that Daesh certainly does not stand for Islamic standards and values. Daesh has traded women like (sex) slaves, this is in contradiction with the Holy Qur’an (see, for example, Surah 3: 195, 16:97, 4:19, 4: 7). Daesh has started a war against innocent civilians, which is totally in contradiction with the Qur’an. Also, a Muslim does not kill another Muslim / people, and this is Daesh doing constantly, with innocent civilians being killed. Total in contradiction with the Qur’an.

That brings me to the idea that Daesh has been developed to create chaos in the world; if I say this — do not begin to quarrel about conspiracy theory — Daesh might be the secret troops of (US and) the Jewish state. Strange either a little or not?
Maybe, but maybe not again. It could be fit with the plan of Pax Judaica. It also applies to what the Qur’an has said: the world will perish after Gog and Magog are released and chaos will arise. This will happen after Jerusalem is occupied.

What is happening in Palestine? Jerusalem has been stolen from the Palestinians step by step.
I think Gog and Magog are already working and that Pax Judaica is about to arise, partly by influencing leaders of Western countries. Look at the fact that the British and Swiss have stopped their financial contribution to NGOs in Palestine and the Palestinians. Just look at the fact that the captain of Palestinians, the so-called President, Mr. Abbas, closes or let them close all medical channels, electricity and water for Gaza and some other places. And finally, look at the influence of Pax Judaica members in the world, financial world, companies that take over the world from the Jewish empire, but above all the influence in the White House and other government leaders.

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