Netanyahu, all what Palestinians need is to go back home

No one wanted indigenous Palestinian Jews to leave Palestine 


By Motasem A Dalloul
The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday that the Palestinians wanted to establish a state empty of Jewish population, referring to the Palestinian call for dismantling the illegal Israeli Jewish-only settlements in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.
He termed his outcry as “ethnic cleansing,” saying in a video: “The Palestinian leadership actually demands a Palestinian state with one pre-condition: No Jews. There’s a phrase for that: It is called ethnic cleansing. And this demand is outrageous.”
As a Palestinian refugee, who father and grandmother were forced out from their home and farms in Haifa in 1948, say no to Netanyahu. We as Palestinians do not eye a Palestinian state out of Jews, not only my faithful words prove this, but history do.
My father, who was born in Haifa in the 1930s and died in Gaza in 2013, and my grandmother, who was born in Haifa in 1900 and died in Gaza in the 1980s, told me hundreds of times that they had Jewish neighbours and they lived peacefully in together.
They also told me several stories they heard from their fathers about how Jews, Muslims and Christians in Palestine were attending each other’s happy and sad times. They told me how a Muslim, a Jew and a Christian were harvesting wheat, barely, corn and olive together.
My father told me how my grandmother hid him inside the house of his Jewish neighbour in Haifa during one of the pre-occupation attacks waged by Zionist gangs.
He also told me how Jews were targeted the same as the Palestinians during that difficult time. My late father, who was humble and simple wanted to find an excuse for the Jewish neighbours who were targeted by the Zionist gangs, saying to me several times that the Zionist did not target them in order to make bridges with them and not push them to leave their homes in order to consolidate their fake narrative about the religious Jewish project.
No Netanyahu, Palestinians have never and will never think of ethnic cleansing regarding any race or religion. Unlike those who survived the Holocaust, we do not believe that we have to inflict suffering on others in order to palliate our suffering.
We survived the Israeli Zionist ethnic cleansing, but we do not think to cleans even those who did it for us. We only think of going back to our homes, out farms, our factories, our historical cities, mosques, coffees, clubs, schools and wedding halls.
We only want our mosques, which were turned into barns to internationally degrade our religion or turned into night clubs to hurt our feelings, back in order to perform our prayers there. We want the cemeteries of our grandfathers back in order to take care with.
Netanyahu, I want to remind you that Palestinians, who have been persecuted by you and your occupation, are not only Muslims, but also Christians. I want to let you know, if you do not yet, that Christian Palestinians have been scattered in diaspora like Muslims and are being besieged in Gaza the same as Muslims. Like Muslims, they call for their churches back.
How to solve the problem when you think of returning Palestinians back to their homes, it is up to you and to those who brought and supported you to come to Palestine. You either go back home to let us go back to our homes, or you agree to live with us in the Palestine state with the same rights and duties like Palestinians, and I promise, we will forget all the hostilities between us.
This publication first appeared in: Days of Palestine 

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