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Marianne Azizi

Marianne Azizi

About Marianne Azizi

Marianne’s first book, ‘Sour Milk and Stolen Honey‘ tells the story of her fight for justice, and her determination against all odds to keep a promise to save her husband – held against his will in Israel by corrupt family laws.

Her career spans over 30 years of working with people to motivate and change their behaviors for personal and professional development.

She spent time helping individuals from factory shop floors up to Chairmen of major corporations, and for a time was a main board PLC director herself.

Combining her career in behavioural work with decades of understanding the aspects of motivation, she draws upon her strength and compassion to tell true and informative stories.

This site is full of varied information, specifically related to Israeli life, articles little known to the West.

Her work now involves helping others trapped in Israel, prevented from freedom of movement, or trapped by the systems which desperately need reform for human rights.

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