“Made in USA” Chemical Weapons Are Still Being Tested on Gaza Civilians

by Ariyana Love
The Israeli Occupation Forces carried out their most brutal massacre in Gaza yesterday, since the beginning of the Great Return March demonstration, beginning March 30th.
Once again, Israel tested a new kind of chemical weapon on civilians, according to The Central Commission for Documentation and Pursuit of Israeli War Criminals.
The “strange” and “unknown” gas, which contains a nerve agent, was dropped by Israeli drones onto protesters at yesterday’s demonstration.
Head of the commission Imad Al-Baz told Quds Press:
“We do not know the kind of gases which were used for the first time,” he said, “but we took cultures from the blood and urine of those affected and we expect the results will be shocking.”

The white gas has been reported by mainstream media as “tear gas,” but the symptoms are too severe to be standard tear gas. Gaza Doctors and medical professionals say the white gas contains a nerve agent which is causing severe suffocation, seizures, hours of unconsciousness and even coma.

According to the International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (ICSPR) in Gaza, the gas has been used repeatedly during the Great Return March and dozens of people have entered into a coma as a result of inhalation.
The ICSPR added that the chemical weapon gas canisters read, “made in the USA.”
It is estimated that over 1000 people suffered inhalation of this chemical gas in yesterday’s demonstration. They were treated with oxygen at the medics tents. Gaza’s medical volunteers were unable to keep track of the exact number of victims they treated yesterday for the chemical gas inhalation, because the victims were coming in too rapidly. As soon as a patient stopped convulsing, their bed were given to the next patient.
The more extreme cases experienced suffocation and seizures which lasted about 20 minutes. The pain caused by the chemical weapon is so excruciating that the victim throws their body violently against the floor or against anything, to try and escape the pain.
Since international law prohibits the use of nerve agents to be used in tear gas, it’s obvious that this is not typical tear gas and media should not be reporting it as such.

After 2:00 a.m. this morning, 8-month-old baby girl, Anwar Ghandour passed away from inhaling the nerve gas yesterday.  A total of 8 children were killed yesterday, 7 of those children were executed with kill shots to their heads and chest. 
Palestinian journalists covering the demonstration are still being targeted and assassinated by Israeli snipers, in an attempt to prevent them from reporting on Israel’s war crimes and field testing of the banned, chemical weapons.
The majority of civilians that were wounded by live bullets and were received in Gaza hospitals, were intentionally injured in the knee region, where vital structures are present (sciatic nerve, popliteal vessels and the joint itself). Injury in this area leads mostly to paralysis of the leg and lifelong disability.
“I believe that the damned Israeli snipers are well trained not only to kill innocent people but also to make them suffer for their whole life,” said Gaza Doctor, Fadel Naem.
Below is a breakdown of yesterday’s massacre in numbers.
61 martyrs
2771 Injuries
8 martyrs are children One of them is girl.
One martyr of paramedic
203 injuries from children,
12 journalists injured
78 women injured
40 critical cases,
76 dangerous cases,
945 medium condition,
1204 live bullets,
133 injured by shrapnel,
79 Injuries in the neck and head,
161 injuries in the top,
62 injuries to the back and chest,
52 injuries in the abdomen and pelvis,
1055 in the lower limbs
On a lighter note, Gaza protesters managed to shoot down two of the Occupation’s drones yesterday, with fire crackers of all things! These drones were being used by Israel, to drop the chemical nerve gas onto civilians. Previously, Gazans had succeeded in downing one of the drones, using a slingshot.

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