Kevin Shipp, CIA Officer Exposes the Shadow Government

CIA Officer, Kevin Shipp reveals the Deep State are spending about one trillion dollars per year of American tax payers dollars on unapproved, secret operations.

In this two part presentation, Kevin tells us:

“We are in an electronic concentration camp. We are surveyed, spied on and monitored from space, through our cell phones, smart TV’s… it’s all around us. We have no privacy. Privacy is dead. Constitutional privacy I’m sorry to say, is.. is gone…

You are not supposed to spy on U.S. citizens. That used to be against the law, until 9/11 happened…

Now, I want to express. The NSA Domestic Surveillance Program, that was spying on all of us, (through) our computers, our cell phones, our Internet traffic, our Smart TV’s and on and on and on.. it was collecting 1.5 billion pieces of information, not on terrorists but on us, per day. The NSA Surveillance Program was going on before 9/11. Just so you know…”

Part 1

Part 2

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