Israeli Settler Murders 8-Year-Old Palestinian Child With His Car

Editors Note:

According to international law, Israeli Occupation settlers are living illegally within settlements in Occupied Palestine. These settlers are criminals, they are Jewish Talmudic extremists, committing Crimes Against Humanity without consequence. They can run over Palestinian children in their vehicles and kill them without legal recourse under the Israeli Occupation law. This is “Democracy” under Israeli Apartheid.

Days of Palestine reports:

During the past three months, Israeli settlers killed 10 Palestinians in two similar incidents

Extremist Israeli settler ran over on Saturday morning eight-year-old Palestinian girl in Jordan Valley and fled away, eyewitnesses said.

The extremist settler, eyewitnesses told Days of Palestine, hit the child on Route 90 in the West Bank’s Jordan Valley.

According to the eyewitnesses, the Palestinian girl was wearing a primary school uniform and the Israeli settler ran over her.

Palestinian sources identified the girl as Aseel Tariq abu-Own, eight years old, from the village of Jabaa in Jenin.

Israeli paramedics arrived at the scene and evacuated the girl to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

“She got up early in the morning,” her mother told Days of Palestine. “She was happy that she had a new school uniform,” the mother added.

Then, she broke in tears while saying: “The extremist settler went to hug his children, while my little daughter will never stand between my arms.”

Incidents involving Israeli settlers hitting Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territory are a relatively regular occurrence, and are usually treated by Israeli security forces as accidents, even in cases when witnesses claim the car rammings were deliberate.

The last such incidents took place during the past three months when an Israeli settler driving a lorry hit a van and killed five Palestinian workers and another one hit a taxi and killed a complete family of five members.



Ariyana Love is a researcher/writer with The Liberty Beacon Project. She is Directing Middle East Rising & Occupy Palestine TV news channels. Ariyana is a human rights defender and Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine. She is also Chairman of an international foundation promoting humanitarian projects in the occupied Palestinian territory.

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