Israel Again Tests Chemical Weapons on Gaza Protesters

by Ariyana Love
The Israeli Occupation has once again tested strange new and unknown weapons on civilians protesting the illegal siege on Gaza, at the separation barrier fence last Friday.

Below is video footage of this new weapon technology. Have you seen anything like this before?

Also on Friday, a 14-year-old child inhaled an unknown neurotoxin that has left him in a coma.

The child’s father released this statement about his son, August 14th:
“I received a shocking call by the youth on Gaza borders, that my son was injured last Friday and it’s the third time that my son got injured during the Great Return March demonstrations on Gaza borders, but this time he has a very critical injury. My son inhaled a killer gas emitted from gas bombs, on the demonstrators and this gas was filled with a severe chemical which affected all my sons nervous system, leading him to convulse horrifically every 5 minutes. As you see my son is on the bed of the hospital and he has been convulsing violently with shock, since 4 days ago. All the Physician’s and Doctors tried their best to do analysis and diagnosis. But they can’t treat him because the Israel Occupation cut the supply of medications for my sons case (neurotoxin) and it’s going terribly uncontrolled. Doctors told me that my sons treatment as well as medications are available only in Israel or out of Gaza and I am wondering why Israel kills our kids and prevents us to treat them? Therefore, I ask all the humanitarian foundations around the world, all World governments, the PA president as well as Ismail Haniyeh and everyone with s soft heart to help my son get treatment out of Gaza urgently and to recover soon!”
Today, I received word from the child’s father that his son is still in a semi-coma, going in and out of consciousness, but mostly remaining comatose. He still convulses every 5 minutes.
The Great Return March demonstrations began on March 30th. There is documented footage and evidence of the Occupation’s use of Chemical Weapons on protesters since April, yet no world government or international body has taken any action or sent a delegation to Gaza to investigate.
Arms manufacturers, primarily the US Israel and the UK, are using the Occupation’s massacres in Gaza to test new technology.
More footage of the Occupation’s illegal testing of Chemical Weapons was also released in May. Gaza Doctors have reported the symptoms are caused by a neurotoxin, an unknown chemical nerve agent in the form of gas, which targets the entire nervous system of the victim, resulting in violent convulsions, extreme suffocation, coma and in some cases death.
The treatment for this child and other civilian victims of Chemical Warfare, is a simple medicine which Israel is now preventing from entering Gaza.
Already at the end of April, the ICSPR informed me that the Ministry of Health had reported a state of emergency. Gaza hospitals are completely depleted, having no supplies left to treat the injured. They are absent of absolutely everything and due to this, the hospitals are empty. Patients are being sent home, even with severe injuries, to await their fate because “we can do nothing more to help them.”
The ICSPR also reported that 50 of Gaza’s top Doctors left in the end of July, because they are unable to save lives under these conditions. It has also become impossible for the Ministry of Health to track the recovery process of wounded victims.
We must demand an investigation into Israel’s illegal use of chemical and banned weapons on civilians. We must demand that the borders to Gaza remain open for all necessary humanitarian aid to enter for the people of Gaza.
Please see original source for the latest statistics of casualties and wounded during the Great Return March.
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