Israel Executes 16 Palestinians in Gaza during “Great March of Return” Friday

Editors note: 16 Palestinians executed in Gaza yesterday, 1500 more wounded all across occupied Palestine.

If Americans Knew

Israeli forces have so far killed 7 unarmed marchers and a farmer in Gaza as thousands of men, women, and children participate in the “Great March of Return” organized by civil society organizations and all political factions in the besieged enclave.

Men, women, and children began gathering in five tent cities over the past few days to participate in this massive and courageous nonviolent event; the official march was scheduled to start at 10 am this morning. March 30th is Land Day, which commemorates the 1976 killing of six Palestinians participating in a nonviolent demonstration to oppose the confiscation of their land. International law allows all refugees the right to return to their homes. Today’s gathering is to continue until May 15th, Nakba Day.
In response, Israel deployed thousands of combat armed troops, including 100 sharpshooters, and issued shoot-to-kill orders for any demonstrators who approach the fence that cages them in.
We’ve written three articles that we hope you’ll read and share. And then we hope you’ll tell others what’s going on in Gaza – call your elected representatives, the media, and go out and demonstrate!
Our first article covers Israel’s troop deployment and the conditions which led to the protests, the second provides an analysis of the misleading report on the march from the Associated Press, which replicates Israeli talking points, and the third tells the news this morning.
We also have a Facebook infographic that we hope you’ll share.
If Americans Knew, recommends following IMEMCMaanWAFA and Al Jazeera for their latest reports. Ha’aretz also often has valuable reports (though they’re often slanted and censored by the Israeli military. Keep in mind also that they often take their information from the IDF.
We also recommend following Occupy Palestine TV for updated reports.
Cover photos via @RebelPioneers and @AminJarrar1


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