Israel Announces Plans to Launch Another Large-Scale Military Operation in Gaza

by Ariyana Love
The Israeli Occupation’s Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, announced Thursday that “Israel Might Have No Choice but to Launch a Large-scale Military Operation in Gaza.”
“I don’t want to launch an operation, but there is a good chance that we will have no other option but to go in so that we can create durable deterrence,” he told Army Radio.
Basically, they want to silence the Great Return March protests and suppress the already dying population. Israel’s Extrajudicial Executions of civilians at the separation barrier fence, has given the Occupation an opportunity to perfect their assassination abilities, test new technology (drones) and internationally banned weapons, on the innocent population.
As Gaza is showing no signs of ceasing their legitimate protests, the Occupation has determined that a full-scale military assault like the ‘Extermination of People’ in 2014 (Russell Tribunal on Palestine), would indeed be more pragmatic and profitable for the US, UK and Israeli Arms Industry.
Rather then abiding by international law and respecting life, the illegitimate “Jewish state” has turned it’s illegal military occupation into a cash cow. They profit by stealing Palestine’s resources, such as natural gas fields and they mine for blood diamonds. Israel also benefits from “Battle tested” weapons, which are worth a multitude more than untested weapons.
Barbara Opall-Rome, Israel’s bureau chief for the U.S. magazine Defense News stated in 2014:
“For the defense industries this campaign (Operation Protective Edge) is like drinking a very strong energy drink — it simply gives them tremendous forward momentum. Combat is like the highest seal of approval when it comes to the international markets. What has proven itself in battle is much easier to sell. Immediately after the operation, and perhaps even during, all kinds of delegations arrive here from countries that appreciate Israel’s technological capabilities and are interested in testing the new products.”
Israeli leaders don’t want peace. They have no intention of lifting the criminal siege on Gaza or making life for the occupied people more tolerable. If it served these parasites to kill all the Palestinian population and drive them into the sea, they certainly would. But siege and occupation are more profitable than peace and Semitism. Thus the Occupation continues to hold the Palestinian people hostage, keeping them economically starved and dying slowly. 
The Occupation has recently deposited huge sums of money into damage control, paying their spies to inject propaganda in our news feeds and on social media, in order to counter the negative PR they have received from their Extrajudicial Executions during the Great Return March.

Burning kites & excessive force

Erdan also announced Israel’s new military strategy, ordering their occupation criminals to shoot and kill anybody who launches “burning kites,” including children, insisting:
‘They’re terrorists, their age doesn’t matter.’

Kite flying is a favorite pass time for besieged Gazans. The activity has been celebrated by whole families at the Great Return March. You will see elders and children engaging in the activity. But now anyone flying a kite is fair game for execution.
Erdan added that those launching burning kites from Gaza should be shot regardless of their age:
“age doesn’t matter, they’re terrorists and the danger they create must be prevented” he said.
Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, also a member of the security cabinet, told Army Radio:
“There is no difference between burning kites and a Qassam rocket, and we should not tolerate the kites.”
We know Israel targets and kills children. In one day alone, on May 14th, Israeli snipers executed 7 children with kill shots to the heads and chests. They’ve already shot and maimed kids flying kites, even before they coined the phrase, “kite terrorism.”
The Occupation’s track record proves that they will not distinguish between regular kite flyers and those who attach flammables. Regardless, this new policy is just an excuse to justify their killings with further impunity. Only primitive minds can conjure such Babylonian barbarism.
Israeli Minister Gilad Erdan also said,
“we must return to targeted assassinations,” he continued, “Kite terror is very serious, and whoever sends them should fear for their life.”
Israeli leaders have also claimed that flammable kite flying was a Hamas tactic, but that just isn’t true. Frustrated by the inhumane siege and use of lethal force, the people in Gaza began sending kites loaded with flammable material to their occupied lands in a show of protest.
Kite-maker Shadi, 19 stated:
“It began spontaneously. We never thought we would achieve such good results,” he said. “The idea is simple: use the simplest tools to cause damage and losses on the Occupation.”
Hundreds of fires have broken out in occupied Palestinian land, causing an estimated 2.5 million Dollars in damage, as reported by Israel. Nature reserves and 2,200 acres of fields have burned, land which Israel claims belong’s to them. But in actuality, this land is internationally recognized Occupied Palestinian Territory. The land which Gaza kite flyers are burning, belongs to Palestine.
Israel doesn’t see it that way though. The Occupation colony has convinced themselves that all of Palestine belong’s to them. Good luck trying to convince them otherwise. Their primitive minds are locked into a mass, delusional psychosis. They are God’s chosen people and a chosen people can do whatever they want to everybody else.
The extremist logic of Israeli leaders, has also led them to start carrying out targeted assassinations of kite flyers with airstrikes!
A totally reasonable thing to do, eh? 
Not a single human being has been harmed in one of the fires. Even if every kite flyer was a member of Hamas, Israel’s warplane assassinations are still war crimes. However, this disproportionate use of force is being used on regular civilians.
The ingenuity of the occupied people is to be commended. They are always discovering new ways of resisting Occupation tyranny, by using their minds, their courage and whatever they have available to them to their environment.
Gaza civilians have managed to take down several Israeli drones using slingshots and fishing nets attached to their kites. These drones, deployed over Gaza territory, are either used for spying or to disseminate a new type of “tear gas” which contained an experimental, chemical weapons cocktail, that put dozens of people into a coma and proved deadly for infants.
Now the Occupation terrorists want to launch another full-scale military assault on Gaza and they will do it unhindered, because the international community hasn’t the courage to place an Arms Embargo on Israel. The Israeli’s and members of the Jewish community protesting against another massacre in Gaza is so minimal, it doesn’t usually make mainstream media.
So where is the international protection force for Palestinians? Who will stop Israeli terrorism? Are we really going to tolerate another bloody massacre like the one we witnessed in 2014?

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