IDF Terrorists Brutalize University Students Protesting the Abduction of School President (VIDEO)

by Ariyana Love
Israeli IDF terrorists brutally attacked Birzeit University students Tuesday, during a march that was in protest of the abduction of their Student Council President, Omar al-Kiswani, taken last week.
Undercover Israeli agents approached al-Kiswani dressed as Arabs, abducting him on the street, March 7th. They took him across the 1967 Green Line, which is a war crime and a routine occupation practice.
The student protest march, organzied by Birzet University, began in central Ramallah and was to end in al-Bireh. IDF terrorists arrived on the scene and began targeting the unarmed demonstrators with live ammunition at the Northern entrance of Al-Bireh city, just next to Ramallah.
The students organized the march because they want al-Kiswani’s released. They want international law enforced in Palestine. Israeli war criminal leaders, Netanyahu and his supremacist gang, see to it that will never happen. Every time the occupied people congregate for unity, justice and peace, they are silenced and suppressed. All demonstrations in the Palestinian territory, starts peaceful and end with Palestinians getting shot, tortured and killed.

IDF terrorists play dirty and they play hard

As a medic attempts to administer first aid to a gun shot victim, IDF terrorists attempt to    drag him away in violation of international law.
WAFA news agency reported at least 8 civilians were shot with live bullets. One student was critically injured from a kill shot to the head. The Israeli terrorists are known for their barbaric practices on the battlefield. A battlefield, where civilians have to defend themselves with mere stones in their very own occupied territory.
The video footage below shows IDF terrorists attempting to make an abduction of two incapacitated civilians they wounded by targeted gun fire. Preventing medics from administering first aid and threatening their lives, while attempting to drag the wounded youth away for torture and medical neglect in illegal detention facilities, are war crimes upon despicable war crimes.
Bullets wounds are severe, so time is precious and can mean the difference of saving an innocent life. Our international law forbids this criminal practice, besides it being deplorable behavior.
These medics are hero’s. They ran straight into the line of fire, to treat and recover victims. In the video below, a bullet lands on the ground near the female medic, while she is intent on saving life. She fights off the “soldier” terrorists to get to the wounded. On close examination, it looks as if a bullet lands on the ground, very near to her. Was she deliberately fired at?
All I can think is how brave she is saving lives while risking her own.

Wafa news reported the injured were transferred to the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah for treatment. Birzeit University issued a statement condemning the assault as an attack against an educational institution. That’s putting it mildly. These are war crimes upon heinous war crimes.
Below is a closure image of the IDF terrorists war crimes at the Birzeit University student march

Why do we tolerate this state sponsored terrorism? We knew it was wrong in South Africa, but Israeli-Zionist supremacy is far worse than S. African Apartheid.
Why are Arabs and Muslims silent to the Palestinian plight? Why do Christians bow to Zionism as their Lord and savior, instead of standing with their brothers and sisters?
Supremacists always think their murder is justified. Although they like to make up different names for for it, calling it “self-defense” and “right to exist.” In fact, a supremacist believes their very existence requires terrorism to continue living. And so these “chosen” ones keep stealing beautiful Palestine, in a fashion styled after the late Nazi’s… by force.
We are nearing 70 years of illegal military occupation in our beloved Holy Land. Now the Zionist Trump Administration have their greedy little hearts set on moving the US embassy to Jerusalem this May 14th, in commemoration of the Al Nakba genocide, which marked the founding of the Zionist “state,” in 1948.
While they are still trying like hell to conquer Syria so they can destroy Iran and expand their occupation into the “Greater Israel” Project, from the “River Euphrates to the Nile,” the global Zionist cabal’s move on Jerusalem, may spark a resistance so fierce in the Middle East, that it would give the cabal just what they need to usher in world war three.
Updated 14th March, 2018

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