Dubai Princess in Distress Exposes Her Father’s Brutal Torture

By Ariyana Love
The video below is of a Dubai Princess in distress, uploaded to Youtube on March 10th and gaining rapid views.
49FE91FE00000578-5478493-image-m-10_1520591936878The woman in the vieo has been identified as the daughter of the Prime Minister of UAE and ruler of Dubai,  Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. She is Latifa al-Maktoum, one of 3 Latifa’s within her family of 30 siblings.
Latifa spills the beans about her father, in a desperate attempt for help. On the outside, the PM keeps up appearances, but behind the scenes, he is a ruthless dictator, who cares only about his own ego and protecting his reputation at all costs. Behind him are a trail of bodies and broken lives.
Latifa explains how she lives under duress, in highly restrictive conditions, always being spied on by her fathers agents, who report everything on her, back to him. She was not allowed even to have Internet.
She and her sister attempted to run away and seek help outside Dubai, for their plight. Her sister managed to escape to the UK, where she lived on the streets for some months, before she was spotted by her father’s men, abducted and returned to Dubai. For this ‘unruly’ behavior, Latifa’s sister was imprisoned and tortured, then locked in a room in her own house for months.
Latifa, who tried to come to her sisters aid, eventually tried to escape Dubai herself and was captured. She was tortured in prison for a period of three and a half years, where she was routinely beaten, kept in solitary confinement and denied medical attention.
The princess message in this video is that if we are watching this, she is either dead, or in a life-threatening situation, needing our urgent help.


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