Ctrl alt del

Control – Alt – Delete

By Henny Kreeft 

After the cowboy became president of the so-called great mighty Western country, the misery could only start really well. With cries – like many really big American presidents did before  – with ‘America first’, the cowboy president went like a dull bull through the porcelain cupboard. Treaties, appointments and agreements no longer seemed to be ‘holy and fixed’. An important or less important position in the White House either.

Have you just become a minister or adviser in or for the White House you can leave again. The Climate Agreement was almost immediately referred to the large gray archive, and the cowboy president tried to expand America’s power – against all knowledge – publicly expanding so that the media would not pay direct attention to the domestic problems. However, the weather was against, and parts of America became underwater and, in that way, got back into the media.

Ctrl – Alt – Delete
But the cowboy president is obviously unable to catch a hole and has been busy with his plan ‘America first’ for a long time, he had discovered new buttons on the PC – during twittering – Ctrl Alt Delete. With these buttons he was able to get rid of entire pieces of the computer and forever. What a power he thought he had suddenly.

Would this also fit within the plan ‘America first’ and how should it be adapted? But fortunately he got help again.

Of course, American soldiers had to go to Afghanistan, because the job had not yet been clarified, more strongly, American interests had to be protected and money had to be earned. The great American (weapon) companies had earned a lot, but wanted more and so there had to be wars on the world, with America continuing to be involved. Of course Afghanistan alone is not enough, so immediately searched for what other opponents.

“Oh yes, that annoying part of Korea, what’s it called? Oh yes, North Korea. The annoying country busy with rocket exercises ”

And the cowboy president obviously responded to North Korea’s exercises, according to the Western media, in a proper way. I wonder if that is the case, but the president of the so-called free west continues and threatened North Korea and managed to get in the media with comments that the country had to stop doing exercises. He also spoke of thunder and violence. I immediately wonder: a country that does not belong to the “circle of friends” of the West, should not test weapons, but of course the same west can do it?

But there were more leaders opposed to the expansion of the cowboy president, as there was the country of Venezuela, who did not want to go in with this president. And so there will be more countries to follow in the coming months. And the cowboy president may have had his longest time in the Oval Office.

But out of the big mouth of the cowboy president does not came an unpleasant word about the expansion drift of his colleague in Tel Aviv, more strongly, the cowboy president has the opinion that the American companies who are on black list because they trade with the settlers in the illegal settlements on Palestinian territory, should be removed immediately from that blacklist.

Would this president also have noticed that on North Korean computers the Ctrl – Alt – Delete combination also occurs and that the idiot who will push those buttons first and shoot nuclear missiles might be the one who stays on a destroyed world?

And that by the nuclear missiles the world will be a lot smaller and that will create a completely different world order?

And that’s what the new world order will be called Pax Judaica?

Ctrl – Alt – Delete will destroy most of the world and may mean the end of the world, but the survivor will have to get used to a new world order


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