Busting the Myth of ‘White Genocide’ in South Africa

TRT reports that the narrative of ‘white genocide’ has been central to the white nationalist movement across the globe. Alt-right supremacist fascist groups and even Donald Trump has tweeted about the persecution of white farmers in South Africa. However, there is just no reliable data to suggest white farmers are targeted any more than anyone else in the country.
Why has the far-right in North America and Europe taken up a cause based on conspiracy so far beyond their borders?

MG reported that this narrative has been fostered in fringe alt-right publications in the US and repeated in the Murdoch-owned mainstream press. It has had a direct influence on right-wing politicians in Australia, Europe, UK and USA.
The Guardian revealed the biggest secret to this ‘white genocide’ myth, which is a nuclear one. Israel provided expertise and technology that was central to South Africa’s development of its nuclear bombs. Israel kept its military collaboration and close association with a political movement rooted in racial ideology, hidden.
Digging deeper, we find that a South African lawmaker and populist leader recently accused a group of South African “Jews in Pretoria” of training “white right-wingers” for sniper attacks against members of his party over a planned constitutional amendment which would permit the government to confiscate property from white farmers without compensation.

So who is behind the ‘white genocide’ psyop? Who else but Israel and world Jewry! All insidious roads lead back to Tel Aviv.


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