Anonymous Exposes #QAnon Psyop: Trump is Deep State!

An exclusive Anonymous report on the “QAnon” Psyop, presented by OPTV Radio

by Ariyana Love
Recently, Anonymous launched an operation titled #OpQAnon. Working behind the scenes, Anonymous Freedom Fighters investigated Q accounts, tracing computer IP addresses and hacking into Q’s database. They were able to reveal that the Q phenomenon is a dangerous Intelligence agency-backed Psyop.
Q’s purpose was to collect data on everyone who actually opposes the Deep State, while luring the unsuspecting Sheeple into blind loyalty to President Trump. Through advanced psychological warfare tactics, it was made to appear that Trump was “purging the Deep State” from within the U.S. In actuality he was embedding the global Zionist Cabal’s most loyal servants directly into power, through the Trump Administration.
One of the most important things Anonymous observed, was that Q’s followers were predominantly right wing, in-the-closet racists with direct affiliation to dangerous white supremacy groups. These people were now encouraged to speak their minds, fomenting division among people of different nationalities and ethnicity’s.
Even Wikileaks has said QAnon is just like a the ‘Pipe Piper’ operation.

Included is an Anonymous report of their in-depth analysis of the Q-ANON PSYOP – from the REAL ANON

Not only did the Q Psyop serve as a mass distraction from Whistleblowers like Snowden and Assange, it’s quite probable that Q is an AI, built by hackers.
Quinn Michaels reveals his assessment in his video below:

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